Wardrobes. Love-hate relationship with our clothes and the overwhelming feeling of trying to stay up-to-date with the latest trends is stressful. Stress no more... we have the perfect read for you on 'How To Save Money On Your Wardrobe!'

Here’s a little task for you, our lovely readers… yes, you too guys!

Go to your wardrobe.

Now count how many items you haven’t worn in the past 18 months.

Throw them away… We dare you! (Actually, donate them… don’t throw them away!)

It’s time to de-clutter. Yes, it can be a painful and emotional process but chances are if you haven’t worn that item of clothing in the past 18 months, you probably don’t have any plan to wear it soon in the near future.

It’s time to save some money on your wardrobe and invest in you!

Fast fashion has become the latest trend, taking what’s on the runway (and what’s so hot right now) and pumping it out to the retailers. Usually these kinds of clothes will retail for about $20-$40. Not bad if you’re on a budget.

However, these styles of clothes will ultimately go out of trend (give them a few months) and suddenly you stop wearing them. Once a season ends, you adapt to the changes in weather with your clothing, and what was in-style last summer, is completely different to what is in-style the next. It’s a hard life.

We have a solution for you. You may gasp at first and a lot of you will probably disagree with us, but please, amuse yourself.

Buy quality and classic items of clothing that will never out-date themselves. So simple. Timeless pieces.

Ok, ok so this may mean you need to pay a little extra for your clothes but get used to it.

We’re not saying you need to spend hundreds of dollars on the one item of clothing, but it’s time to expand your budget a little, buy pieces you truly fall in love with, and buy less often. Over time, you’ll find you actually spend LESS money on clothing.

It can be tempting to go into those fast fashion retailers because of the price, and you NEED a new dress TONIGHT because you’ve got a hot date.

Let’s just say if you already had a few classic dresses sitting in your wardrobe you can easily accessorize with, you wouldn’t be going out to spend more money. Because, those classic dresses are in your closet for one simple reason... you LOVE them, and want any and every chance to wear them.

We’ve done our research and have narrowed down those classic pieces you need in your wardrobe.


For the Women!

[slideshowck id=1000]

For the Men!

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OK, now we want to know YOUR thoughts lovely readers! Do you agree/disagree with us on investing in quality, classic items that you will buy less of? Or do you think the fast fashion trend is the way to go? Any other items to add to our lists of essentials?

Amanda & Julia xx

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26 thoughts on “How to Save Money on Your Wardrobe – The Essential Pieces You Actually Need”

  1. I need to do this! There are so many clothes I no longer wear–my husband too! Maybe I’ll tackle this this weekend.

    I like the items you listed on things to have! I have a lot of them!

    1. Samahria, that’s what inspired us to write this! I’m currently going thru my closet and getting a lot ready to donate! xx Julia

  2. These are great staples to keep in any wardrobe, and are perfect starters for a capsule wardrobe. With a small variety of scarves and accessories, you end up getting an entire wardrobe out of just a few pieces.

    In my own wardrobe, I tend to love versatile, multi-use pieces, such as infinity dresses and wrap skirts.

    1. Brandi, infinity dresses and wrap skirts are also great staples to have in your wardrobe! It’s amazing what being able to accessories does to a few staples! Thanks for sharing. xx Julia

  3. We each own two weeks of clothing. (5 days of that is work attire). Most of our clothes consist of black or grey articles. It works perfectly. One pair of nice shoes, one pair of sneakers. It works great!

    1. It sounds like you’ve both got your wardrobe under control! That’s another great take on this whole topic as well – to be minimal, you only need 2 weeks of clothing 🙂 Love it!

  4. I love de-cluttering! I just did this for my kids rooms last week and donated them. I only give away clothes I know for sure I will never miss or wear again. And I think since I am a mom I’ve adapted to shopping on a budget, I always feel guilty if I shop beyond my means.

    1. Don’t worry Daisha I definitely feel guilty as well! I’ll never buy something full price unless i seriously love the item. Every time the sale periods come around you can always find nice quality clothing for so much less. This is when you buy and you can usually fit it within your budget if you look hard enough 🙂

  5. I wish I could say that I didn’t, but I have clothes that get buried myself. I like the list of things that are practical and never really go out of style.

  6. I absolutely agree! I love investing in quality pieces because I honestly dislike buying the same or similar items in a few months because they are out of shape or just falling apart. What are some of your favorite spots to shop for wardrobe staples?

    1. Jessica, you have the same brain as us! I tend to keep away from fast fashion (i might be 1 piece every now and then) as you’ll wear it for a season and probably not pull it out until months or years later. Such a waste. I’m not sure which country you’re based, Julia and I are both in Australia. I love shopping at Cue – their dresses are super tailored and elegant. Country Road, Tommy Hilfiger, Seed, Sheikh. I’m obsessed with all those stores. What about you? Where do you get your favourite staples from??
      Amanda 🙂

  7. Love your selection of essentials for both females and males! I like to also buy a few pieces of the same style because I know fashion changes frequently.

    1. Thanks Kim! That’s a great idea. Fashion seems to be changing at a blink of an eye so having those extra pieces in the same style is a good plan! xx Julia

  8. I do genuinely suffer from hoarding clothes – I just can never seem to get rid of clothes. I’m not a ‘stylish’ or ‘trendy’ kind of person so tend to buy clothes that I like rather than ‘in fashion’ BUT I need to declutter. so might just take you up on that challenge

    1. Kiyshia! Me, too… I find it so hard to get rid of clothes because I tell myself, maybe.. just maybe one day I’ll wear it! Guess what… I never do! Take up this challenge and let us know how you go! xx Julia

    1. Carol, decluttering is always a nice feeling when it’s done but sometimes it can be a task and a half to do! Once your closet is simpler, it’s so much easier to find what you need! xx Julia

    1. Give it a try! You might be amazed at the end result… slightly terrifying at first, but at the end I felt quite happy! Also, it made it so much easier to just see what I have and what to wear. Good luck! xx Julia

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