Do you constantly worry or stress about your financial situation? Don’t worry, we are right there with you. It’s completely normal to worry about money, but sometimes it can start to consume your whole world, and stop you from doing the things you love. We’ve come up with a few coping strategies if you’re doing it tough, or simply just need to get it off your mind (oh, and all of these are free!)

Forget About Your Money Stresses With These Coping Strategies

Get Out and Enjoy Nature

When you’re surrounded by nature and fresh air, and basking in the sunshine you feel a sense of elation. Go out for weekly hikes, see a waterfall, climb a mountain, watch a peaceful sunset. Just go out and live. Appreciate the beauty that surrounds us and stop taking it for granted.

At-Home Pamper Sesh

Boy do we love these! Especially on weeknights. Grab a glass of red, run a bath with some epsom salts, light a candle, chuck on some Ed Sheeran, do a facial and simply relax! If you don’t have a bath… get a shower bomb that emits a calming aroma once hit with water and steam.

Yoga and Pilates

We are BIG fans of these two workouts. Pilates if you’re feeling more energetic or yoga if you’re lacking some energy for the day, but still want to feel zen.. You don’t even need to leave your house. Throw on youtube, and find the workout you need (we are loving Blogilates at the moment).


Some people find it extremely hard to sit there for an extended period of time and simply… breathe. There are so many studies that show the benefits of meditation to general wellbeing and happiness. Start small! Do 10 minutes when you get up in the morning or download a free meditation app. You can’t judge it unless you’ve tried it, so try.

Surround Yourself With Inspiring People

Seriously, positivity is contagious and it can put you in a place of higher thinking and creativeness. Surround yourself with friends and family who inspire and motivate you. You might have a business idea you’ve been wanting to start, but just haven’t had the courage too (don’t even think about using time as an excuse though). Once you start thinking outside the box, ideas and inspiration will keep coming. Trust us, it only took one text in the middle of the night to spark AJ.

Get a Good Night Sleep

The two best cures for anything are a good night’s sleep or laughter… or cry, but we are leaning to the first two. Put on some fresh sheets, cool your room, make it dark, and drift off to dream land… if you have trouble relaxing or suffer from insomnia try spritzing your room with lavender oil.

Immerse Yourself In Your Hobbies

Whatever they may be, make time for them! Whether it’s music, writing, crafting, painting, reading a good book… this is YOUR time to be creative. And who knows, your hobbies may one day lead to another source of income. Work at them!

Write Down What You’re Grateful For

Usually we are so focused on what we don’t have that we forget to take notice of what we do have. Write down everything you’re grateful for. Make it a daily practice and list everything you were grateful for in that day. You’ll start to appreciate and cherish things a bit more. Check out our free printable to help you write down what you’re grateful for… just click the Join button below!

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Watch A Movie Where You Don’t Have To Think or Stress

You know the ones we mean. The movies you REALLY have to pay attention to? We get it. Sometimes you just want to switch off and what better way than with a good movie. Legally Blonde is always our go-to, or Bridesmaids… guys, perhaps Step Brothers, or Superbad!

Play With Your Pet

For those of you lucky enough to have a pet, they say patting a cat or dog can relieve stress. Sorry if you decided to keep a pet snake, we’re not sure if that would relieve stress, but worth a try!

What are your coping strategies when it comes to money worries and stress? Please share them with the world in the comments below!

Stay positive,

Amanda & Julia xx

22 thoughts on “Forget About Your Money Stresses With These 10 Coping Strategies”

  1. These are all great tips for destressing, even when it isn’t about money – all good strategies for letting go of what’s bothering you so that you can get back to satisfaction and contentment with your life. Worries come and go, regardless of what the label is, but you can’t let it stop you from living.

    1. I know that feeling all too well Amber! Cats just want you to leave them alone sometimes haha. Reading is another great one too!
      Amanda 🙂

  2. I dont remeber the last time I stressed about money. I found drastically reducing your spending helps create a nest egg. Having a nest egg of savings reduces most stress about money. However, this is still a great list for reducing stress overall.

    1. Glenda, yoga and mediation have been a great new addition to my routine for stress relief as well as ‘me time’. Thanks for sharing! xx Julia

    1. I definitely notice a different in my stress levels when I have a good night sleep. Also, lately have been doing more yoga and/or pilates and it truly does make such a huge impact! xx Julia

    1. Karlyn, ‘me time’ is so important! Sometimes we get so caught up we don’t even think about it, but when we do it truly is so beneficial. Let us know how you go! xx Julia

  3. All of your suggestions are really nice. Going out and enjoying nature is working with me, with that I am able to medidate as well.

    1. Anosa, sometimes I forget how easy it is to just go out an enjoy nature. Lately, I’ve been making sure I go out as much as possible for a walk just to take in the fresh air as well! Happy to hear it’s working with you! xx Julia

    1. Hey Angela, thanks for sharing! Do you use any other methods to relieve stress? Always love hearing different methods! xx Julia

    1. Netflix is a great one!! We use that one as well to de-stress. Thanks so much for stopping by Stephanie! x

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