Alright, ladies and gents we’re about to get real with you. If you’re serious about kicking your financial goals to save money (and we know that you are if you’re visiting our site), it’s time to be a bit more realistic and aware when it comes to a few tiny purchases that you may be making. Now, we’re not saying you should stop buying these things altogether, let’s get that straight. We’re saying you should stop buying MORE of these items just for the sake of spending money and satisfying your desires. We’ve collated a list of things you need to stop buying more of if you want to save money.

8 Things To Stop Buying If You Want To Save Money

#1 Clothes/Shoes/Handbags

OMG, how could we even go there! If you read our article ‘How To Save Money On Your Wardrobe’ you may already be aware of this one by now. We’re girls, we LOVE clothes, but this is a sacrifice you can make to save some extra cash. Buy the basics, and buy items you truly LOVE. Shopping is a fantastic past time, but you’re going to hurt your bank account if you’re always trying to keep up with the season’s trends. If you’re worried about lack of self-control, leave the credit cards and cash at home.

#2 Stationery

Officeworks is probably one of our favourite places in the world, it’s like heaven for stationery. Don’t be tempted! Yes, that notebook is super pretty and you’ll be able to use it for something, but you’ve legit got 3 other notebooks you’re using right now. Buy what you need and be done with it. Don’t clutter up your desk if you don’t need to.

#3 Makeup

You know when you have way too many options, and you therefore become really indecisive and therefore, you end up taking way more time out of your day choosing between your options? Makeup has that effect. You don’t need 5 different eyeshadow palettes…you need one! One that you truly love and will use every day (cos seriously, it’s expensive!). Not only that but makeup products do have an expiry date and it’s usually a good rule of thumb to follow it. After all, this stuff is going on your face. Buy the basics, but no, you don’t need 5 different shades of red lipstick. If makeup is your weakness, make it a rule to stay away from Sephora.

#4 Perfume/Cologne

Really, you only need 1-2 bottles of perfume or cologne to get you by. These should be your favourites fragrances so you’ll always want to wear it. One for day, one for night…done. Unless you get gifted this item, this is something you definitely don’t need more of.

#5 Bed Linen/Towels

A few sets of bed sheets and towels and you’re good to go. Too many, and it seriously takes up way too much space in the linen closet (take it from Amanda, her housemate hates that she has so many sets of bed sheets). By all means, replace your old ones, but only when you really need to.

#6 Home Decor

When we walk into Kmart, it’s like a candyshop but for home decor. It’s cheap, it’s pretty, it’s minimalistic, and it’s aesthetically pleasing. Having said that, even we could blow our budget in Kmart on things we love but don’t really need in our home. If you live in a place where you’ve had to provide your own furniture, have a strong vision of how you want your place to feel and buy accordingly, but don’t over-clutter. Or if you live in a furnished place, buy only a few things that you love and keep it at that. Most likely when you move out of a furnished place, those items may not fit when you go to furnish your own.

#7 Bathroom Items

We can be suckers for advertising sometimes, but we really try to resist that urge now, especially when it comes to the bathroom. We love buying the new body wash on the shelves that smells of peach (seriously, it’s so bloody good), or a new facial cleanser because we’re sick of our old one. Unless it has a negative effect on your skin, use what you go until it’s gone. Don’t give in to the advertising and double up on shampoos, body washes, moisturisers etc. That and it just makes your bathroom look messy.

#8 Take Out

Yes, eating out or buying take away food is pretty darn convenient and delicious…but it is ruining your ability to save. You’ve heard us yarn on about this before we we feel it has a place in this article too. Dig deep for some self-control and commit to a maximum of ONE outing per week (just so you can still get your fix).

What Next?

Out of this list, comment below and tell us which points you want to stop spending more on and why!

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