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Introduce Yourself! Who are you, and what do you do?

Sakura: Hi! I’m Sakura and I am the co-founder & Creative Brand Director of Bloguettes. I work with every department and on a bunch of different things, but I work very closely with the creative department on graphic design, photography, and anything visual having to do with the company. I make sure that Bloguettes stays consistent with our brand and it is always presentable! I also have my personal lifestyle blog called Something Sakura, where I love to share personal stories, travels, fashion, and so much more!

Lorena: Hello! I’m Lorena. I am the co-founder of Bloguettes! Just like any small business, both me and Sakura do a little bit of everything, but I mainly focus and our operations strategy, marketing, and business development. Just like Sakura, I also have my own personal blog: Call Me Lore, where I share the personal side of my life.

What does the millennial mindset mean to you?

Sakura: I personally think that there are tons of pros & cons when it comes to the millennial mindset. I sometimes think that the millennials are spoiled and feel entitled. They want to do what they want to do and sometimes the hard work & patience isn’t quite there, but I also think that society has changed so much. We have the capability to work from wherever and whenever with the internet and with that, millennials sometimes don’t put in the time that older generations used to when it comes to work.

I do think there are a lot of pros about the millennials though. I believe they’re confident, they go for what they want, and they work hard for what they want with the flexibility they want. We travel differently, we work differently, we are aware of what a healthy lifestyle is, and I think there’s a lot of amazing things about the millennial mindset.

Lorena: I think that there are many definitions for the millennial mindset. What it means to me, however, is that times have changed–nowadays people have a voice more than ever before! They don’t just comply because they have to, they comply because they want to. Also, it’s about doing things that you are passionate and care about–it’s not just about having a job, it’s about having THE job. I think all of that is great and I think that way, but I also think sometimes this millennial mindset drives people to feel a little bit entitled and not wanting to go through the difficult times that the road of success always presents you with.

How do you think you’ve embraced the millennial mindset?

Sakura: I believe I have embraced the millennial mindset by working hard for what I want and believing in myself to become my own boss! As our society has evolved with social media and the internet, I have been able to fulfil a need by educating other entrepreneurs.

Lorena: I have embraced the millennial mindset by not settling and waiting for something to come to me. Alongside Sakura, I have created a place where we get to work on what we love on a daily basis. We get to be passionate about what we do!

What’s one stereotype millennials have been given that you dislike or think is invalid?

Sakura: I believe a stereotype is that we want immediate gratification. Though I think it’s true, I think that it’s because we are not willing to settle for less than what we want in life.

Lorena: I think one stereotype is that millennials have no commitment to the companies they work for. I feel millennials do have commitment, but the difference is that compared to how things were before, they will leave a company where they don’t feel valued or that their job has no meaning. That’s why corporate culture is so important nowadays.

Tell us one achievement you’re super proud of:

Sakura: I would have to say by growing Bloguettes into the brand that it has become in three years and creating a business that focuses on company culture.

Lorena: I am super proud of where Bloguettes is right now. I am proud that our name means something, and we have worked so hard that I would have not expected anything else. I am also very proud of the successful business partnership that I have created with Sakura.

Tell us one obstacle you’ve had to overcome & how:

Sakura: There’s been quite a few obstacles, but one in particular I won’t ever forget was when we had to let someone go. It’s something we had never done before and it hurt us, but sometimes you have to do what’s best for you, your company, and your employees. You have to do things that aren’t fun and you just have to face the challenges. It made things easier when I looked at the situation from an outsider’s perspective and when I was thinking about protecting the company.

Lorena: One of the biggest obstacles that I have had to overcome is self doubt. We were both very young when we started Bloguettes, and sometimes when I didn’t know if what we were doing was right, I would doubt myself. However, my ideas turning into successes helped me overcome this self doubt. I gave me the confidence I needed as a leader.

What advice would you give to other millennials wanting to break the 9-5 lifestyle?

Sakura: I would say that it’s a lot of hard work, but you can achieve it if you put your mind to it. Sometimes people don’t realize that it’s a lot more work than you think, and you’re going to have to hustle more and put even more time into it. There are pros & cons to everything, and that includes working for yourself.

Lorena: My advice is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the 9-5 lifestyle! If you own your own business it is 24/7. Nothing comes easy. Don’t just try to look for the easy route for success, always look to do something that you love. Find your passion, and you will find success.

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