This article is seriously a long time coming but we’re excited to inspire you with these ways to make money outside of your day job! Plus, who doesn’t love making extra money on the side?! We know we do!

Ways To Make Money

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It’s no secret that having one stream of income isn’t going to make you wealthy (unless you’re a famous Hollywood movie star and getting paid millions just for one movie) but we all can’t be so lucky. This is why you need to hustle! Creating a second income isn’t as hard as it sounds and it will only take a bit of effort up front to get yourself going. Now, we don’t believe in ‘get rich quick schemes’ so the following ways to increase your income will get your started and create potential for you to make a little bit of extra moola.

#1 Uber

We LOVE Uber and the company has created so many more jobs for our economy, so we’re big fans. The chance to be your own boss, whenever and wherever you want? It’s the perfect side hustle. There’s an up-front application process where you’ll need to ensure your car fits the bill, you’ll need to pass a medical, and obtain your Driver’s Authorisation. Just be aware there might be a slight up-front cost circa $100 to gain your medical and DA but you’ll quickly make that back once you start driving. Know someone who also does Uber? Check if they have a code where both of you get a bonus if you sign up!

#2 Fiverr

This is such an amazing platform if you want to freelance! The basic concept is that you can hire anyone to do a job for $5 but if you’re a seller, you’ve got a lot of potential to earn. There’s no sign up fee but when you make a sale, Fiverr will take about $3 from the sale so make sure to factor this into your gig prices. We can personally attest to this service and it’s a great way to put yourself out there! Have confidence in your abilities! You may have a skill deep down that’s just dying to get out.

#3 Upwork

Another freelancing platform and completely free to sign up. You can browse jobs that are on offer within your expertise and apply if you think you fit the bill.

#4 Blogging

Passionate about something and want the whole world to know? Start a blog!… and then make it your business. There’s a lot of information out on the web about how to start a blog and grow it to the point where you can monetise it. Passion and persistence is key here so don’t start unless you plan on putting all your extra time into it. Because for it to be successful, that’s exactly what you’ll need to do. If you need some advice just flick us an email at and we’d be glad to answer any questions you might have! We aren’t experts, but we’re getting there!

#5 Sell Your Stuff

Surely there’s something around your house you can sell, or just look inside your closet! Post your items up on Carousell, Ebay, or Gumtree and start selling. On Facebook? Join the local “Buy, Sell, Swap” page if there’s one available… easy as that. Just make sure to be smart about it and always make sure you’re paid before shipping your items. Keep your conversations within the platforms so if something goes wrong, you have something to fall back on. You can never be too careful!

#6 Babysit

Love kids? Good, you’ll need to for this one. Babysitting is great for extra cash and won’t take out too much time out of your day. Plus, who knows who you might be babysitting for… you may even get some business connections out of it! Remember, networking is everything.

#7 Take Online Surveys

This is not going to make you rich but could buy you an extra coffee for the week. Swagbucks is a great platform to start on and will also give you a few little extra tasks to do to earn Swagbacks which you can then convert in vouchers or cash straight to your paypal account. You can do this from the ease of your couch bingeing on netflix, that’s a win if you ask us.

#7 Mystery Shop

Some companies may differ on whether you get to keep the item for free when you mystery shop or you also get paid cash money. Either way, you benefit.., and you get to shop. It’s a win-win situation. All you have to do is provide honest feedback about your experience. Easy peasy! No excuses really.

#8 Rent Out Your Space

Got a spare room and don’t mind strangers staying in your house? Airbnb is your to go! Make sure you keep it clean, presentable and homely so you get great feedback and keep up the business. Plus, who knows… you may even actually make new friends out of it and meet new people from around the world!

#9 Invest in Dividend Stocks

Depending on how big of an investment you make, this can work out extremely well for you. Make sure to consult your financial advisor before investing, however putting your money into dividend stocks is a great way to earn passive income at least once a year. It may not be a lot, but it’s something!

#10 Freelance Your Talents

What are you good at?? Do you play a musical instrument? Can you take great photos? Really good at social media? Freelance! There are plenty of platforms where you can offer your services such as the ones we’ve mentioned here previously, but get creative! Join Facebook groups, use your Instagram to market yourself, get your own website. Start hustling those skills! We know there’s more to you then what you do for your day job. Unleash the inner skills that are dying to get out!

#11 Tutor

Still live near the university you studied at? Or perhaps you live near another educational institution. Contact them and see if they need a tutor for a subject you’re really good at! The pay is great and it won’t take too many hours out of your week.

#12 Get on Airtasker

Airtasker allows you find jobs (of literally any kind) within your local area (or even within the comfort of your own home). It’s a great way to earn a little bit of extra cash.

#13 Dropshipping

You may have seen this word popup even more recently. Dropshipping is essentially a retail method where a store does not keep any stock in inventory (nor do they own it) but sells it via third party. You would manage an online store, and purchase the item from ideally a wholesaler or manufacturer and they ship it directly to the customer. Check out Oberlo if you want to know more!

#14 Thrift Store Flipping

Yes, it’s exactly how it sounds. You buy something from a thrift store for dirt cheap, and sell it for a profit. Usually these are pieces you can fix up or improve which can add a lot more value to the item when you sell them. Bet you never thought of that one.

#15 Become A Virtual Assistant

It’s no secret that owning your own business online or managing a blog is TOUGH work and A LOT goes into it (believe us). These people may hire you to become a virtual assistant and ask you to do tasks they no longer have time for. This could be anywhere to managing their social media accounts and networking with others to drive up business.

#16 Become an Extra/Model/Actor/Singer

Look for a local entertainment management agency within your area for this one! Becoming an extra is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash and no experience is required (just your time). Musician? Look out for local gigs that pay!

#17 Get a Rewards Credit Card (and use it for everything)

Every dollar you spend, you get a point. It won’t be much but again, it all adds up. You can redeem your points for a variety of things, but we prefer cash. Always remember, be credit smart. Don’t just spend because you can, be aware of your budget and your financial situation!

#18 Become a Translator, Captionist or Transcriber

Companies need you to transcribe, caption or translate their content… and they will pay you to do it! Check out Rev if you think this is for you.

Now what?

We hope after reading these 18 ideas that you get excited and motivated to start your side hustling! There’s literally no chance of losing out… if you do any of these things, a lot can happen from them, more than just financial gain. Friends, contacts, networking, building your rapport, and so much more can become from these hustles! What are you waiting for? Get hustling!

Do you have any other ways you side hustle? Let us know in the comments below!

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Happy hustling!

Amanda & Julia xx



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  1. Love all of these ideas! For selling clothes, I use Thred Up. They send you a huge laundry bad, you stuff it full of clothes, and send it off with free shipping – they definitely give me the most value for my clothes out of anywhere!

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