Who doesn’t want to make their dreams a reality? Sometimes we dismiss our dreams by saying they’re unrealistic or unattainable. Well, what if we told you if you mapped out your dreams and made a true vision for them you’ll be more likely to succeed? That’s what we’re telling you! So, strap on your creative thinking hats and let’s get dreaming.

how to make your dreams a reality

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The Benefits of a Vision Board

The mind is a powerful entity and visualisation is a powerful mind practice that if done correctly, amazing things can start to happen. Read more about the power of the mind and the importance of practicing visualisation at Psychology Today if you want to know more.

Makes Your Dreams Reality

Things You’ll Need

You’ll need some supplies in order to make your vision board / dream board. Don’t worry! They aren’t too expensive, and believe us… you’ll have fun doing it.

  1. Wide Range of Magazines, you’ll want lots of images… (travel, women’s daily, US weekly, food, anything!) Or you can print off images from the internet and print them out either on paper or visit your local photo printing booth.
  2. Poster Board (or some kind of board to glue up your images) – you can also buy a really cheap canvas to pin your pictures to.
  3. Glue or board pins
  4. Scissors (to cut out your images!)
  5. Markers/Pens

Brainstorm Your Dreams

This is critical to making a successful vision board. You must start to brainstorm what exactly it is you want to achieve… or what your dreams and desires are. Grab a piece of paper and pencil and start writing. Write down the first thing that comes to your mind or heart. Go from there… then start to categorise whether or not your dreams are specific, unsure, or theme based (like travel, career, etc). You can make more than one board depending upon what you discover during your brainstorming.

Ask yourself what it is you want, be honest and true to yourself. If it helps, set the mood… put on some ambient music and light a candle to help you get thinking on a deeper level to understand what it is your truly want to achieve in your life.

Create Your Board

Step 1

Go through the magazines and start to cut out the images that resonate with you! Just go with the flow… if they speak to you, cut them out. It doesn’t just have to be images, it can be words or quotes… it can be people, food, anything. Don’t start gluing yet though. (If you don’t have magazines just start to google images of words that resonate with you and print them out.)

Step 2

Now, start to position your images you’ve taken out on your board (don’t glue yet). Don’t second guess yourself, just go with the flow again. Let your inner zen help you position the images… You may have them scattered out, you may have them forming a trail like a roadmap, you may have them positioned in steps you’ve envisioned yourself tackling your dreams. There is no wrong answer! Throw out any images that don’t resonate anymore or don’t fit into your boards dream/vision. (You can always save them and make an additional board if it is more specific related)

Step 3

Glue your images into place (or pin them up to your canvas/cork board, etc). You can also leave a space in the middle of the board for your favourite quote or word that truly inspires you

Step 4

Hang your vision board up where you can see it and will view it regularly. Make sure wherever you hang it up that you’ll actually give it the appreciation and respect it deserves, after all these are your dreams and visions we’re talking about!

Now What?

You’re probably thinking now what…That’s alright. We’re here to help. Keep track of your board and your progress toward your visions and or dreams. They may change if something changes in your life, and that’s okay. The best thing about your new vision board or dreamboard? It’s not permanent! It can be changed. You may come across a new image that truly inspires you and will help you on your journey to making your dreams your reality… all you have to do is pin it to your board. 

“I’m not creative” Option

Okay, we get it… some people are more creatively inclined than others. That’s alright. We recently came across a virtual dreamboard… no cutting or gluing involved. Take a look! It may be more practical for you given your current situation. It’s virtual and you’ll have access to it anywhere at Dreamitalive. Or if you already have Pinterest, get pinning and start creating boards that match your vision. You can check out our Pinterest profile here.

We hope you are inspired, because here at AJ we are all about making you feel inspired and motivated. If you’re interested in lifestyle design or goal setting, be sure to subscribe to gain access to our free resources!

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“Creative visualisation is real. It’s a powerful force that works to shape future outcomes.” -Harvard Medical School

Love Always,

Amanda & Julia

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