We know society tells you it shouldn’t all be about what’s on the outside, and we’re agreeing with that. However, looking good can go a long way and actually help you get the things you want in life. Before you judge us, we’re not being shallow but simply bringing to light what society pretends is not as important.The importance of looking good

Have you ever been that person where you thought you were overdressed for a certain event? The good news is after reading this article, you’ll never worry about being overdressed ever again. You’ll find that being overdressed will always work to your advantage, no matter what. Honestly, what’s the worst that could happen… you end up being the best dressed person in the room?

#1 Looking Good Boosts Your Confidence

Confidence is everything, in every situation. Whether it be a job interview, first day at work, a presentation at uni, or a social event. If you’re feeling flat, rock that red lipstick, wear that navy blue-suit. Don’t ponder, just throw it on. Anyone who judges you for it, are simply just jealous they don’t look as good as you. And because of that, you’ll be the person who commands attention and owns the room.

#2 If You Need To Get Someone To Trust You

…look good! There’s research out there that states people are more likely to trust a stranger if that person is physically attractive or well put together. Scenario – say someone was selling a product to you. Who would you believe/trust more on their review? Someone who has impeccable grooming and looks the part, or someone who hasn’t bushed their hair, or is wearing shorts and thongs?  We’re not exactly saying that you SHOULD trust them, but you get the point. Obviously, it’s situational. You would trust someone in a board shop wearing boardies and thongs describing the perfect surfboard for you over someone in a suit. Three words: Look The Part.

#3 First Impressions Always Last

We don’t like to admit it, but we tend to judge someone solely on their looks within the first 20 seconds of meeting them to gauge if we want to take the interaction further. (We’re not talking ‘looks’, we’re talking put together.)  Now, we try not to judge a book by its cover but sometimes we can’t help it. If you’re looking to leave a good first impression on someone, the solution is simple… look good. Think about that first date with a new person… you’re going to make sure you look good. Why? First impressions.

#4 Change your Clothes… Change Your Mindset

You know in the morning when you roll out of bed and you feel completely ‘bleh’? (We literally have no other way to describe it, we’ve all been there.) There’s no chance you would let yourself go to work in your lounge-around clothes is there? But suddenly you feel a change in mindset once you’ve showered, put on your corporate wear (or whatever wear that suits your duties), done your make up etc. Suddenly you feel completely productive, like you could take on the world. They say when you’re going for a job interview, dress like you already have the job.

#5 Your Clothes Are A Reflection Of Your Personality

Usually when you meet someone and they look so chic and elegant, you can probably gauge a little bit about their personality. This can go for any attire really… if you meet someone and they have active wear on and a gym bag… well you’re going to gauge that they are active, etc. Clearly, they take pride in the way they look, which means they probably take pride in a lot of other things. Which means, they probably are a successful person in their area/s of interest.  Therefore, they’re most likely going to be an interesting person… unless they’re looking good for the 15 minute fame factor… then probably not.

#6 Look Good & Feel Good

We know it’s like we’ve already covered this, but we really want to emphasise the importance of looking good. Take pride in your self-grooming habits and take pride in the way you look. We aren’t talking about having to be the “sexiest” person alive, we are talking on a personal level with yourself. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… or something like that. Maintain your hair with haircuts/trims, manage your facial scruff if you’re a guy, if you have less than desirable skin take action to rectify it (facial scrubs, etc.), trim your nails, look after your teeth… and the list goes on. Because, when you take care of your grooming habits, you’ll start to feel good as well. Not only will you radiate with fresh skin, you’ll radiate with inner appreciation, confidence, and self-love.

One Final Note

In the words of Oscar Wilde…

“You can never be overdressed, or overeducated”

Looking good is going to help you achieve the things you want in life, and most importantly give you the confidence to do so! So, make sure you’re investing in your look, and therefore, investing in yourself. If you need a few wardrobe tips, make sure to check out our article ‘How To Save Money On Your Wardrobe’.

Do you agree with us? Share your stories in the comments below how looking good has helped you succeed!

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Love always,

Amanda & Julia xx





6 thoughts on “The Importance Of Looking Good & Why It Will Help You Succeed”

  1. My goal is to work on my wardrobe this year! I struggled these past few months because I moved from a place which experienced one season (summer) to somewhere that experiences every season … including cold winters!

    But I totally strive for a chic look. These are great reasons to do so.



    1. Krista, I definitely know the feeling… for awhile I lived in Arizona which didn’t experience cold winters, but then moved somewhere it snowed heaps… now I’m living in Australia! Wardrobes can be hard sometimes, but happy you enjoy our tips! We also have a good article about wardrobe essentials if you want to have a look! Here’s the link! http://ajmoneymatters.com/2017/01/29/wardrobe-essentials/

      xx Julia

    1. Indya, so glad to hear it!! I used to be afraid to really dress up and look good for fear of attention and then I’d worry about looking too good for a casual occasion. You’re so right though, it’s does give you a feeling of empowerment and confidence. How you feel is the most important factor, not how anybody else feels.
      Amanda xx

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