Business has already moved over to the digital space… and so should you. Marketing your product or your brand (even if that brand is you!) is now so much easier with social media and the new generation of influencers (it’s not just millennials using it). Who are these influencers? They’re bloggers. Just normal people like us and you who have created their own online space. It’s kind of like writing a journal, except your journal is public for the world to see. Find out why and how you should start a blog!

How And Why You Should Start A Blog

Owning and managing a blog will allow you to network with people from all over the world, influence others, and share what you’re truly passionate about. If you’re worried about being judged, don’t be. The blogging community is probably one of THE most uplifting, inspirational, and kind communities you’ll ever be a part of. You truly learn a lot about yourself along the way as well.

If you’ve been thinking of starting a blog, or this concept is completely foreign to you, keep reading. Because as time moves on, you’ll want your own piece of the digital pie.

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Why Start A Blog?

We created this blog out of pure passion and a love for finance and writing. Our main mission is to educate our fellow generation on all things money. We realised that our voice goes a lot further by having this online platform and linking our social media to the website. A blog allows you to have a creative space, a space that YOU are completely in charge of. Now, at first we didn’t have intentions of turning it into a business and didn’t realise how big the blogging industry actually is! This industry is incredibly powerful and it’s no wonder why big brands are leveraging the new generation of influencers…a.k.a bloggers.

Starting a blog may not be for everyone, especially if you’re not willing to put in the work. But, it IS rewarding, and you get to connect with like-minded people and be part of a community. In case you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons why you should start a blog:

  • You’re passionate about a particular area and want to share your knowledge
  • You need a space where you can unleash your creative side
  • You have a product you want to sell that you truly believe will help people
  • You want to become an influencer within your field (yes, this is a profession)
  • You want to meet new people who think the same as you do and become part of a community
  • You want to own a business online so you can have lifestyle flexibility

Friendly tip. If you’re in this industry only to make money and gain followers, don’t even bother. It’ll be a VERY hard slog for you if you are. You need to do this with purpose, drive forward with passion, and genuinely want to help others. That’s the harsh reality.

How To Get Started


There are so many different ways to get started but we’re going to tell you what we know from experience. We started out on but bought our own domain. If you’re looking for a free setup and not fussed about having ‘’ in your domain name, sign up for free on WordPress! If you’re serious and you eventually want to turn your blog into a business, we suggest looking for a self-hosting website. We currently use Bluehost and WordPress. Why should you choose Bluehost?

  • Your domain is FREE
  • Super affordably from $5.95 a month (that’s a cup of coffee)
  • Technical support on hand
  • You don’t have to pay for WordPress through Bluehost
  • Easier to monetize your blog
  • Having your own domain will make you appear more professional
  • Access to your own webmail

You’ll find many bloggers use Bluehost, so if you’re keen to sign up, click below to find out more!

Have A Clear Vision/Mission When You Start Your Blog

We know you probably want to dive straight in, but take some time to actually map out your vision or purpose. Answer these questions and you should be ready to move to the next step:

  • Why am I going to start a blog?
  • What do I want to share with the world?
  • What is the main mission or purpose of the blog? What is my message?
  • Define your niche: e.g. our niche is millennial money, you may notice that all of our articles tie back into the core concept of the blog…which is money.

Choose Your Theme

It took us ages to decide on which theme to go with. We didn’t have a big budget when we started so we went with the free ‘Edge’ theme, and we love it. In choosing a theme when you start a blog, look for something that will allow you to display what you want easily. For example, we really loved the slider panel, which you can view on our home page. We wanted something clean, chic, and feminine to represent us, so take your time when you’re searching for the right one. Don’t worry though, you can always change it in the future.

Have Your Articles Ready

It’s a good idea to have a few articles ready to publish as soon as you go live. Opinions will differ on how many, but we reckon start with at least 3 articles. We’ve seen some bloggers suggest 20 articles however, by the time it takes to write 20 articles, you could have launched your website with 3 and get a head start on making a name for yourself.

Get Your Images Right

If you’ve got a camera that can take quality photos, get creative and use your own. It’s safer and will easily reflect who you are as a brand if they’re taken by you. Otherwise, you can use stock photography. There are heaps of websites you can use (we primarily use Pexels), but we have also signed up to a few bloggers who create stock photo for a living. Some photos you will need to pay for, especially if you don’t want to use the same photos as everyone else in the blogging world. We strongly suggest your read the terms and conditions when it comes to using stock photography in order to avoid any legal claims in the future.

Choose Your Social Media Platforms

Once you’ve identified who your audience is, find out where they hang out! Majority of our readers are millennials, so we’ve chosen to really focus on Instagram & Facebook. It’s difficult to be across all social media platforms AND do them WELL. Yes, it takes time, and you’ll need to stay up to date with the platform’s algorithms and new features. We’re also very active on Pinterest, which is kind of like the Google but for visuals. Pinterest is an easy way to gain more traffic but again, there are strategies to learn and it takes time.

Just Start!

No seriously, just do it! Start a blog now! You may not have everything perfect, and that’s ok. We are still tweaking our website as we grow. Hitting publish and introducing yourself as a blogger to your friends and family can feel a daunting, but just go for it. Realise that not everyone will resonate with you, or find your content interesting and you know what? You don’t want them as your reader anyway.

Build Your Email List Right Now

Your email list is your most valuable asset, so use it wisely. Research strategies you can use that will help to grow your list, and start as soon as you launch your site. Mailchimp is probably one of the best, free services you can use to kick start your list. And if someone unsubscribes, don’t worry about it! Again, you don’t want them if they don’t want you.

Invest in Your Education

You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars but it may be worth investing in an e-book that will teach you about the industry. When we started we bought the eBook ‘Building A Framework’ written by Abby from ‘Just A Girl And Her Blog’. This eBook is only $27 and it is seriously well worth purchasing. The amount of information on how to grow your traffic, social media presence, and monetize your blog is amazing and has helped us immensely. If you want to start a blog and purchase the blogging bible, just click the image below! You can thank us later.

Building A Framework

Manage Your Time and Be Organised

We are not going to lie, if you decide to start a blog it can take up A LOT of time and there are so many times when we feel scattered and overwhelmed. Purely because there is so much to do. However, we’ve learned that planning and being organised is key. Regarding content, we like to be 2-3 weeks ahead, although sometimes that doesn’t happen. But, we know we can punch out an article in an hour or so if we truly need to therefore, knowing your limits and abilities is important.

It’s a great idea to batch your time. For example, we might take photos on a Saturday for Instagram that we can use for the following week. It takes off a lot of pressure and stress when you’re trying to think of something to post at 6pm on a Tuesday night after you get home from work…the struggle is real.

We like to use Google docs to manage everything from our weekly schedule, blogs we love visit, collaborations, to projects.

Love Always,
Amanda & Julia


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