It’s so hard these days to become a brand this is unapologetically you in a world that is telling you to be a certain way….

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My name is Caroline Matthews, a multi award winning fashion designer and founder of The Luxe Collective. I created The Luxe Collective to showcase how to be a brand that speaks you, your message and who you are when you’re not around!

How to create a brand that is unapologetically you

Self-Sacrificing And Building A Business

We all have a story right; well the short version of mine is this. A long time ago I was living the dream or so I thought. Collections in all the big prestigious stores, working with dreamy brides (yes I have a bridal label too) I thought I had it all.

But what I was doing was self-sacrificing. I was being dictated to by suppliers, clients I worked with, and I felt like I was designing for other people and not doing what I really wanted to do or be for that matter.

I loved helping women to rock it out in a collection but there was something missing that was making me feel unhappy.  

As with anything, something happens and we go ‘Shit, WTF am I doing’. That was me. I had created all of this so called success through sacrificing who I was, what I stood for and basically not being unapologetically me.

It was like a light bulb went off in my head and I was like…  Why am I creating a brand for other people? Why am I doing what people are telling me to do in my business and brand?

From that day on I decided that being unapologetically me in my brand, my business and my life was the only way to be and the only way I wanted to live.

Be Unapologetically You

So I firstly got rid of so much deadwood that I felt was holding me back including stockists, boutiques, suppliers and clients, and started to make who I was count in my brand.

The The Luxe Collective was born from this. I am a huge advocate of seeing women succeed in business, but seeing them do it by being themselves. Brands should speak your mission, your values, who you are and what you are about.

I mentor and coach so many women to be confident in their message, their vibe so they can go out and be who they want to be in their business. This then attracts the right clients; the right services, and yes your business runs with flow and ease.

What does being Unapologetically you really mean? To me it means being free. Being free to create from a place that is not dictated to by others. Designing a business that is in alignment with you and your message.

Value Who You Are

Loving yourself and the business so much that you want to run out of the shower with wet hair, not caring about the make up and jumping on a Facebook Live to share an insane idea or thought you have just had (yes this was me only this week!). You do this because your need to give value and share your knowledge is more important that what BS someone is saying or thinking about you.

I was able to do this without worry or fear of being judged. Why? Because I value me. I value who I am and I know that I attract the right clients and suppliers to my businesses for the right reasons, and because I am who I am, unapologetically.

You Drive Your Brand

Most people will associate branding with fonts and pretty colours. Of course that’s hugely important but if you don’t know who the hell you are and what you bring to the table, your brand will not be your cheerleader when your not around.

What’s more important is for you to figure out your WHY… why have you created this business, who do I want to help, how can I add value to people.

Ever heard the saying “Your vibe attracts your tribe?” well this is so true, but you attract your tribe by being you.

The raw, open, honest version of you. People nowadays are hiding and scared to really put themselves out there as they fear being judged, or they have limiting beliefs which are all valid points.

But wouldn’t you like to be the person who attracts her tribe by showing up as her authentic self?

We have created a tribe of nearly 600 women just in our Facebook group alone, and these have all come from seeing my lives, videos, content, and posts. Because they resonate with the woman I am. This is the secret sauce!

From this your personality will shine through and then the creative elements will come naturally. The Luxe Collective, screams me. It uses the colours I love and wear, the style I am about, and the message I want to create.

There is no BS, fakeness about me or what I do. I tell it how it is and that’s what people are attracted to. You have to find your own voice and be confident and love that voice.

Remember that you can create anything in this world. Be who you have always wanted to be. As soon as you come from a place of knowing who you are, owning all your flaws and your awesomeness, you will create magic!

How to be Unapologetically You

 Here are 3 tips to creating a brand that is unapologetically you:

#1 Figure Out Your Story

The real story that got you to where you are now. Write it down, this then becomes your elevator pitch and part of your brand story.

#2 Find Your WHY

As I said above. Why are you creating this business/brand, what does it mean to you. What’s your brand values and mission.

#3 Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

By this I mean get live, start video blogging, show people who you are, be vulnerable in your message. Jump onto FB and hit the LIVE button.

The more you connect with your tribe or your potential tribe, the more you create a brand that is you. One that resonates and people remember. We are in the process of creating our first digital magazine called unapologetically you which is exactly what it says on the cover.

We have a brand of casual luxe tees/sweatshirts with our fav quotes and branding so women can be themselves and remind themselves to be themselves. This movement of women is why I do what I do everyday.

If any of you are struggling to find your true voice in your business, or wanting to give you business a serious mind blow… then give me a shout. We have created a 4-week mind blow program where we can go deep down and dirty and in 4 weeks really focus on 1 key area of your business that you want to blow up.

Or if you are all in, we have an 8-week coaching program too. Dedicated to all women who are just trying to be themselves in a world that says otherwise!

We would love you to join our group, it’s a growing group of women who live by their own rules and I love it. We launch our workshops in San Diego in September (epic doesn’t cut it) so yeah.. All of this was and is created by a woman who chose to go her own way.

Create a path for her own success and believe in who she was and is everyday!

Big love and good vibes,
Caroline xx

Caroline Matthews

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