You’ve just received your credit card application in the mail but, the big questions is, should you choose the blue card or the black card? ‘My favourite colour is blue so obviously I’m going with the blue one’… ‘but the black card makes it look like I’m totally balling and there’s something so chic about it’. We’ve got news for you, we don’t actually care which colour card you go for… and don’t let that be a determinant.

Should You Choose The Blue Credit Card Or The Black Credit Card?

What we’re saying is that there are so many different credit cards out on the market and well, the colours sometimes depend upon which creditworthy status you are on, or really just what your bank colours are. For example USA Chase Bank’s logo is blue and most of its cards are blue. Commonwealth Bank of Australia colours are grey and yellow and most of its cards are different hues of the grey and yellow.

Back to the point. This is going to be short and sweet. Choosing the right credit card for you is crucial to you managing that card so it’s imperative that you educate yourself on the different types. A credit card can give you a number of benefits, and you may want to read our first article on the topic here. Yes, getting a credit card can be a BIG decision if you’re not good at managing money – but that’s why we’re here, to help you do exactly that! For those in Aus, we love how simple CANSTAR allows you to compare financial products, so we’re going to summarise. Let’s get started.

Credit Card Types


Looking for benefits that go above and beyond? Premium cards are where it’s at. Some premium cards will cover you if your flight is cancelled, or even give price protection for if a purchase drops in price shortly after purchase. Of course, every premium card will carry different benefits.


You travel heaps and you want to rack up points, then the this is the card for you. For example, you may want a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Visa to get points on purchases if you fly Southwest frequently. Or, you may even go for a bigger airline to top up international points that in return discount your overall ticket price.


If you just want some rewards for every day simple spending, then a basic rewards card is probably what you would go for. Different type of rewards may be cash back, gift certificates, or discounts for petrol/gas. You’d take this card over a frequent flier card if you are more interested in everyday rewards.


If you are tinkering on the idea of wanting some premium benefits, but not full on, then a low fee card is suitable. These would typically carry a small annual fee or account fee, but would offer some benefits.


The card for people not interested in points or premium rewards. This would be a great everyday spending credit card or for large purchases, and for a user that can’t pay the balance off in full each month. Some low rate cards may still have a small annual fee, others may not.


Every single credit card is essentially a loan that you are obligated to pay back. Just because a card may offer points or better benefits, you truly need to assess your personal situation and determine if a credit card is suitable for you. Again, we are just informing you to make better decisions and as always, talk to your personal banker or financial planner for an in-depth review.

The fine print on a lot of different credit cards can be daunting! So, don’t be afraid to ask your banker next time about credit card offers and what it entails.

Have you ever been confused over which credit card to choose? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to join the tribe to be the first to know about new content!

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