If you’ve landed here you’ve probably read through our amazing tips and tricks on how to make a killer resume and cover letter… however, if you haven’t you can check that out here. What you may not know is that some companies (a lot of larger ones) use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to process resumes. Allow us to explain and help you create a resume that will beat the ATS.

1. What exactly is an applicant tracking system?

To put it simply, you can think of the ATS as a robot that only has a handful of directions to do its task. Your resume can’t be fancy including tables and images or else the ‘robot’ or  software gets confused and throws it to the bin. The software is given information by HR of what selection criteria is desirable and then sifts through thousands of resumes. Once sorted, HR is given the final results of the ATS that match a selection criteria.

2. How does ATS determine successful resumes?

Keywords. When you read through a job description it will typically include keywords of what the company is looking for in a new hire. These keywords are what will set you apart from the hundreds of other applicants if you put them in your resume. The Applicant Tracking System will rank you higher in search results if you have more keywords that align with the desirable candidate description.

3. What type of resumes work best for an ATS ranking?

Simple boring resumes work best for the Applicant Tracking System. Also, gone are the days of ’embellishing’ your skills section as keywords of ‘outgoing’ and ‘team player’ often aren’t looked at by the ATS. In general, the ATS is supposed to ease the recruiting process so the more direct and simplistic you are, the more likely you are to be ranked. Another key component to beating the ATS is to be sure your spelling is correct, the ATS does not know what you meant to say if you spell something wrong. If you want to pick up a FREE template or two that work well with the ATS just click that button below.

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4. Will social media hinder my chances with an applicant tracking system?

Let’s be honest. You shouldn’t be publicly posting drunken snaps on your social media if you want to look professional. There is similar software that recruiters use that will scan the web for again, keywords. If you want to get noticed it is best to have your LinkedIn encompassing keywords as well as basic education, work experiences, and skills. The more advanced Applicant Tracking System will even attach the findings of your social media directly to your resume that is then passed along to the HR or recruiting department.

We aren’t going to pretend writing resumes is fun and exciting, because it’s not… but we want to ease that pain for you! We have some amazing templates that we’ve tried and tested that have got us call backs, so if you’re needing a push in the right direction just click that button below.

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