What better way to become debt free than with advice from those who have experienced exactly what you’re going through. We’ve rounded up some amazing people who have conquered or are currently conquering their debt journey. We had two questions for our lovely guests to answer:

  1. After implementing strategies to tackle your repayments, can you tell us a bit about your overall attitude towards debt and how that might have changed throughout your journey?
  2. Any advice for those who are just starting out on their debt journey or who want to become debt free?

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Advice From The Experts on How To Become Debt Free

Danielle from ‘The Pennies We Saved’

Danielle started with about $70,000 worth of debt and paid off $40,000 in only 2 years!

“There was a point in my life where I actually believed that debt was normal. Deep down I know it wasn’t. So, in order for me to achieve my goal of becoming debt free, I had to learn how to change my view and attitude toward debt. How did I do that? I equated my debt to that of an annoying and irritating fruit fly, and got mad. Nothing is more satisfying than getting rid of a fruit fly that is zipping back and forth in front of my face. So, I made the decision to attack my debt until it is dead and gone…just as I do with those fruit flies.

There are two things that I believe you need prior to embarking on a debt free journey: The ability to believe in yourself and an accountability partner.

Without these two components, you may begin to struggle and feel the need to end your journey altogether. Remind yourself every day that you can do this and no one can stop you, but you. Having an accountability partner helps you stay true to your goals and keeps you motivated. Find a friend(s) that you can talk to, share your goals with, and trust. Believe me, it helps.”

You can follow her amazing journey here:
Instagram: @thepennieswesaved
Website: www.thepennieswesaved.com
Twitter: @pennieswesaved

Michelle from Making Sense of Cents is Now Debt Free

If you don’t know about this gal, do yourself a massive favour and read her blog now! 

“I paid off $40,000 in student loan debt within 7 months, and it is still the best financial decision I have ever made! Being debt free is a very freeing feeling, and it eventually led to me leaving my day job to blog full-time, travel full-time, and more. I feel that too many people take on debt without fully thinking about the consequences.

Many people normalize debt because the monthly payment can make something expensive seem affordable – and because mostly everyone else has debt as well. However, this is a bad way to think about debt! Instead, pay off your debt so that you can make better financial decisions in the future – such as saving for retirement and not living paycheck to paycheck.”

You can follow her amazing advice here:
Website: www.makingcentsofsense.com
Facebook: @makingsenseofcents1
Twitter: @senseofcents
Instagram: @michelleschro

Francesca from Pennies To Pounds is Now Debt Free

This lovely lady is now debt free! And she has some awesome advice for you…

“My attitude has definitely changed – I always knew that debt was bad, but now I am so adverse to it. Any suggestions that are put to me to do things like ‘just buy a new car on finance’ fill with me horror and I know that I will never gladly go into debt again. I feel as though debt has held me back and now that I’ve paid it all off, I feel free, and happy about the future.

My advice for those just starting on their debt journey is to find some personal finance blogs that will help you on your journey! Finding resources that can help you: track spending, create a budget, cut down on your expenses, ideas on how to earn extra money – will help you massively in the long run.”

You can follow how she did it here:
Website: www.frompenniestopounds.com
Facebook: @frompenniestopounds
Twitter: @frompenniesto
Instagram: @frompenniestopounds

Jessica from Oh These Student Loans is Now Debt Free

Have a student loan? This gal paid off $113k…yes, it’s possible!

“In the beginning, I thought of having debt as not really being a big deal; seemingly everyone had some. Since going through the struggle of paying my own debt off, I now view debt as a very big deal, and have learned not everyone is a slave to it as I had thought. Debt is very prevalent in our society and deemed normal by so many. I would have never flinched at that realization before, but after being in and climbing out of debt, I’ve learned it is something that can really hold you back in life. Just because something can be financed, doesn’t mean that it should.

Most Americans don’t think they are in debt just because they pay a car payment, but they are; that is debt. Paying a monthly payment plan on anything deems you in debt, and I think we have forgotten that given so many people finance their furniture, appliances, laptops, cell phones, you name it… With that being said, my attitude now is if I cannot pay for it outright, I cannot afford it; I would never have had that attitude had it not been for my debt journey.

Do what works best for you, but know the why behind your payoff. If you only kind of want it, you will only kind of get results. You have to really want it, then you have to go work towards it. There is an age-old saying that resonates so loud with me which I absolutely love, “Never give up on something because of the time it takes to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” If at any point you feel overwhelmed by the dollar amount you still have to go, break the loans up individually in your mind and focus on the next one you are tackling; try not to think about that huge number too much.”

You can follow her advice here:
Website: http://ohthesestudentloans.blogspot.com.au/
Twitter: @ohstudentloans

Zack from FreeUp is Now Debt Free

Zack managed to pay off his $50k in debt in 2 years! Yes..2 years 

“Paying off debt really can be an emotional roller coaster. Once we made a plan to pay off all of our debt, we really had a peace that we were doing the right thing. It definitely gives you a boost of confidence to tell your friends that you have a plan to be debt free in one or two years, whatever your plan may be. Once you have a plan set out it gives you a benchmark to measure your progress against as well, which is really important!
As you pay off more and more debt your attitude continues to become more optimistic…. right up until the last payment is made and you can scream for joy! When we submitted our final payment on our $50k student loans we had a huge celebration. It really was a landmark milestone for us in our journey towards financial independence.
My advice to anyone who is starting out is to understand that while debt is an acceptable social norm in our society, it is not healthy. While that sounds sort of negative, it really is a huge weight off your “shoulders” once you pay it off. You are able to find financial freedom and do more of what you love. That’s the goal, right? 
We tell everyone we meet to just make a simple plan over the next few years to become debt free and stick to it. It’s going to have to include some sacrifices but that’s okay. We lived in a camper for 11 months to pay off our debt! You don’t have to do that but find something you can do! Follow other people’s journeys (through blogs & podcasts) to stay inspired and stick with it! It is not a sprint, it’s a marathon! Someday you will look back on the sacrifices you make today and thank yourself.” 
Make sure you visit Zack’s site for heaps more inspiration!
Website: www.yourmoneyyourfreedom.com
Facebook: @freeupyourmoney
Twitter: @zackarylee

What Next?

There are so many amazing people out there who are becoming debt free, and the amazing individuals above are living proof that it’s possible! Learn from them, take their advice, and start your own journey. Make sure you set yourself short-term and long-term goals, keep yourself accountable, and share your own journey with the world!

Don’t forget we have a Debt Checklist available to you which summarises the content in both Parts 1 & 2. You can read up on them here in case you missed them!

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Strategies To Help You Become Debt Free – Part 2

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