Hi lovely readers! We hope the New Year has started beautifully for you all and that you are charging on with your personal New Year’s resolutions and goals. We know you are set out to achieve great things! If you haven’t already, have a look through our New Year post, Your Ultimate Guide on How to Plan for the New Year. We give you amazing tips on how to make the best out of this New Year. Now, some of you may find yourself falling short on your goals, or that your resolutions have started to slip away… don’t worry, it happens to a lot of us at the best of times.

Achieve Your Goals Easily by Using this one simple step

Be A Goal Digger

To us, goals are crucial to every-day life. Although we may not write down every single goal, we take mental notes. Some goals are big, some are small… and some are really confusing. However, sometimes when we don’t write down our goals they lose priority or simply are forgotten altogether. Think of it this way, before you go on a trip you make a mental note about what to pack… but once you get to your destination you realise you forgot one little thing. Now, had you written your list out you wouldn’t have forgotten anything! With a list of items to pack you arrive at your destination with everything you need to enjoy your time, the same goes for goals.

You can keep yourself accountable and track your goals by taking pen to paper. Write down everything you want to achieve. The results? More productivity and increased chances of success in achieving your goals.

How exactly can you make those previous goals (or new ones) and resolutions actually work for you? By making them S.M.A.R.T. action goals; goals that work for you. Now, we didn’t come up with the concept of S.M.A.R.T. goals. The acronym first appeared in the 1981 issues of Management Review. However, we’re going to show you how to implement them into your goal setting so you feel more productive and achieve more… have a look below:
SMART Action Goal Description

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You may be thinking some of your goals don’t fit into all the criteria of being S.M.A.R.T. That’s okay.

The most crucial aspects of setting a goal, in our opinion, is that it is specific enough to be achieved in an allocated time, as well as being realistic. Without giving yourself a timely limit, you may start to feel helpless and that you’ll never achieve your goal. Having a timely limit and tracking your goal will see yourself feeling that you are making progress and on your way to achieving your goal! Unrealistic goals will make you feel defeated more than successful and we don’t want that. So, make sure your goals are also realistic and relevant to your current situation.

What’s next for your goals?

Look back at your New Year’s resolutions and see if you can make them into a S.M.A.R.T. action goal. They don’t need to fit all the criteria, but you can follow the guidelines and make your goal more specific and timely. Not sure how to write them out? S.M.A.R.T Goal Sheet PrintableJoin today to gain access to this free printable!

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When looking back at previous goals you’ve made, you may start to think that they are too big… one that isn’t realistic or timely. Don’t panic. Keep the same goal, but break it down into smaller more realistic timely steps. They will seem much more achievable and again, it increases your chances of reaching the bigger goal without overstepping your deadline.  

Lastly, what good is a goal if you don’t keep track? Do you take down mental notes of a goal… do you also take down mental notes on days you’ve worked on your goal? If you write them out (with our new free printables) do you keep track or go back and look? No? Then start to! You need to keep yourself accountable and make sure you are taking the steps necessary to achieve them. This is where a vision board will be your greatest asset, not sure how to make a vision board – stay tuned for future articles about vision board design!

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Love Always,
Amanda & Julia xx

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34 thoughts on “Achieve Your Goals Easily by Using This One Simple Step”

  1. I find that for some people, creating S.M A R.T. goals can be very helpful – but for me personally, putting a quantifiable deadline on a goal is a surefire way to make sure I never achieve it. I may never be sure why, but putting my goals in such a way as to say, (for example) “By XX year, I plan to be making $XX amount of money and living in XX sq.ft. of a house.” That just doesn’t work for me. But to say my goal is to make $XX, and here’s how I’m going to get there – I can do that.

    1. Hey Brandi! Sometimes by setting a deadline it can put a little bit of extra pressure on you to achieve it. But definitely do whatever works best for you 🙂

      1. I think that’s the part that gets me, actually – the deadline creates pressure. Without it, I can outline a goal and the steps required to achieve it, and I can work through those pretty easily. But a deadline somehow changes everything for me. I can see how it’s helpful for most people though, especially if it keeps you on a schedule.

        1. Completely understand Brandi! Sometimes, you do need to take that extra pressure off, but it can also be really good to give yourself a timeline for a little bit of extra motivation 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Chloe! Your email hasn’t come through so please let us know if there were any technical issues with the sign up process 🙂

    1. That’s awesome Rose! It didn’t even cross my mind that it could also be used in a work setting too! Thank you for sharing that 🙂

  2. This year is definitely about achieing greater goals for me. And it definitely starts with having set plans on how to achieve them. Thank you for the worksheet, so helpful!

    1. Kimberly, planners are very useful as well! Which planner do you use that fits your lifestyle? There are so many different choices out there for planners! xx Julia

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