Heya, Julia here. Quick run down... I'm an Arizona native and a Northern Arizona Uni alumna. Go Lumberjacks!

I'm just your average stranger... or you know, human! I've dealt with anxiety, depression, the highs and lows... and guess what, it's all okay!

I graduted with my Master in Finance from Bond Uni on the Gold Coast in Australia. Up the Sharkies! I landed a job shortly after graduation in what I thought was my dream job, ugh how wrong could it have been?! Total system shock. Luckily, I have an amazing boyfriend and amazing family who is SO supportive.

One night, I was reading my gal pal's personal blog and LIGHTBULB. I sent her a text and pitched this really vauge idea... like, what if we started a finance blog together!? Instantly, and naturally, she said YES. Hello, thank you for the A to AJ, Amanda! We're both creative, and both have an entrepreneurial mindset. Plus, both our families come from an entreprenurship background. WINNING.

I am based in Sydney, Australia, and I have a love-hate relationship with this city! There's SO many people, but when you hike away, it's so beautiful. I'm artsy and creative... explains all my tattoos I like to draw and well, the blogging.

Two foods for the rest of my life? Tacos & Ice Cream! I'm obsessed with sausage dogs and a big sports fan! Go Arsenal, Go Packers, Go Broncos (NRL not NFL). Also, I'm a water baby... grew up deep sea fishing in Mexico, and swimming competitively since I was 3! (Not anymore tho) Favourite colour? Teal... Sea Green... Tiffany Blue... anything on the blue/green spectrum!

Wanna connect?
Instagram @freesail__

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jmpassey/